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Team Cycles join us for 2019!

Running an event takes lots and lots of bodies, and some brain power, and support from you, the fine ladies and gentleman who come and take part.

On top of that, crucial to the success of the event is having committed partners who are willing to back an event in an area not renowned for having lots of biking events. We are beyond happy to say that Team Cycles, based in Gateshead have partnered up with us for 2019.

Team Cycles, Gateshead

A proper bike shop

Team is a bike shop run both for, and by riders. You'll often see shop head honcho Rich out smashing the climbs and he certainly has skin in the game. On top of that the shop is stocked with brands that we all know and love - Trek, Focus, 5:10, Bontrager and many more, as well as having a reputation for service that is second to none.

At the event

The guys from Team Cycles will have an expo at the Naughty Northumbrian, along with various other brands who love cycling - why not stop by their booth and say hello, get some craic and find out what makes them tick.

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