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Nope, this isn't your usual gravel ride out sportive. Nu-uh, no way.

This is big country. It deserves more than just a jolly round the hills.

This is the land of Border Reivers, where glacial ground meets rock hard volcanic terrain and the only sounds are the winds of history and the enigmatic curlew. 

This is Northumbrian Gold. Respect it, experience it, fall in love with it.





Event format

  • August 27th 2022. 

  • 70k of unbounded terrain.

  • 5,000 + ft of ascent. 

  • Retain the social element - There are no set stage start times per rider, simply arrive before the stage closes, and go when you like.

  • Utilise the core elements of this valley's topography' - A mixture of Gravel track, grass descent, mellow single track and valley-bottom tarmac sections with big vistas. 

  • Sport Ident timing system. We know this system, we love it;  it never fails. 

  • A fully sign-marked route. 

  • Camping, beer, music, games and evening activities.


How to enter

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