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Background & Ethos



Three collaborators.

Carl Davision of Northern Downhill - trail building and race management. 

Barry Kemp of Cold Brew Events - Safety 

DWAgency - Brand strategy and communication.

We provide escapism and a unique experience.


The Coquet Valley, Northumberland.

As England's most remote Valley, the Coquet is both beautiful and daunting. 

It offers a unique opportunity to get riders into a truly remote area and re-connect with nature. 

A region of huge nature-connection potential.


Born out of a desire to have a great time, get people into a remote area and benefit the local economy. 

As an area that will face a shifting economic base in the future, this event gives us a chance to prove that mountain biking deserves to be rooted in the local economy. 

Successful events help shape sustainable land usage policy - together we can grow mtbing, and mtb infrastructure.


August 27th-30th 2020.

The August bank holiday has become our go-to date. 

Riders, families and relatives stay on site for 3 days - build a real rapport with 2000 potential customers and enhance your brand.  

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Media stats



We make our event and brand work hard for us. Our earned media represents a clear desire for riders to be associated with this event, and document it via their channels.

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Competitor retention and growth

2017 (Year 1)

400 Entrants


300 Campers

272 finishers  


32% Drop out rate

2018 (Year 2)

500 Entrants - 25% increase


435 Campers - 45% increase

348 finishers  


31% Drop out rate

Returning riders - 312

2019 (Year 3)

780 Entrants - 56% increase


800 Campers - 83% increase

457 finishers  


42% Drop out rate

Returning riders - 300

2019 UK event market share - 9%

Estimating the GVA of the event.


Using a mixture of surveying,  vendor revenue receipts and liaison with local providers we have calculated an estimated GVA of the event to the region.  We have followed guidance from Event Impacts while collating this information. 


This is an area we’d like to dedicate more resource to as we get the processes and staff to do so. 


Total attendees: 1,000


Avg days attended: 3


Number of commercial stayers: 600


Commercial bed nights: 1,800


Avg cost per bed-night: £10


Revenue for accommodation sector: £18,000


Event specific attendees: 950


Avg days attended: 3


Days visits generated: 2,850


Avg daily spend: £30


Non accommodation spectator spend: £85,500




Direct spending by organisers in local economy: £45,500



Economic impact: £148,500



*In our survey we did not include the potential for spend leakage, which may skew the results slightly. 


*In 2021 we aim to further our knowledge of the demographic make up of the event through more in depth anonymous surveying, and compile an environmental impact report. 

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2021 Vision

We have 3 key aims for 2021.

. Bring in competitors from a wider geographical base - build our national recognition as a "must try" event.

. Identify as a progressive and leading change event within mtb. We want to build a community of passionate riders who seek out responsible adventure and wilderness riding, engage with trail building and feel compelled to give back to the mtb scene.

. Be the "cleanest" mtb event on the calendar in terms of  primary environmental impact. We are partnered with Trash Free Trails to help facilitate this. 

We will do this through:

Incredible riding.

Highly visual marketing.

Consistent communication across all channels.

Event site that focuses on nature and encourages interaction with bikes and nature. 

Education on the geography, topography and ecology of the National Park, and how it helps mtb.

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Sponsorship offerings

Headline sponsor - Sold 

- The "your brand" Naughty Northumbrian -  featured on all communication.


-  Logo / Brand name featured on:

2 pre event videos except trail partner specific video. 

Course preview video using sponsored athletes.

2 post event videos

Facebook page cover image

Instagram Profile + IG take over options

Website cover image

Coquet Chronicles weekly blog + brand insight article featured on blog.

All web press articles - 16 last year.

Roots and Rain Results Branding. 

- On site opportunities 

Largest expo - We can accommodate any size (seriously)

Branded Bar 

2 x stage title sponsorship 

Site entry Banners

Start finish banners

Athlete Q and A sessions and film night presenting. 

- Extra

Use of media for own use.

Use of Naughty Northumbrian brand logo on your website. 


£9,000 + large raffle prize (frame, bike, full clothing set etc..). 

Trail partner - Available  

- "Official trail partner" featured on all communication.


-  Logo / Brand name featured on:

1 trail building film - a 3 minute mini doc on trail building integrating your brand and product. 

2 post event videos

Facebook page cover image + Facebook post visual brand integration and tagging when relating to trail building. 

Instagram Profile and any Instagram story content relating to trail building. 

Website partner section

Coquet Chronicles weekly blog Footer

3 x Coquet Chronicle articles dedicated to trail building.

- On site opportunities 

Large expo - 6x6 m

1 x stage title sponsorship with branded tape and signage.

Stage finish Banners on each stage. 

- Extra

Use of media for own use.

Use of Naughty Northumbrian brand logo on your website. 


£5,000 + raffle prize (frame, bike, product, full clothing set etc..). 

Cleaning partner

- The event is held on the banks of the Rivers Alwin and Coquet - both critically important rivers and with SSSI protected status.

- We are seeking to work with a "clean" cleaning product company that can operate our bike wash area.

- We can activate this sponsorship through media - how important a clean bike is to stop Larch disease spreading, how biodegradable cleaners help protect our rivers and how a clean bike just goes faster!


- 8 x Social media posts

- 1 x 90 second video highlighting why we've partnered with you.

- Expo space - up to 5x5m

- Cleaning station provided. 



£3,000.00 + cleaning station service for riders.

Stage partner

£300 per two stages

- Stage tape options (You supply the tape)

- Stage banners at top and bottom

- Logo on stage start board

- Titled the "your brand stage 4" etc..

- 1 x social media post in the event lead up. 

Vendor space 

- 4x3 space - £275

- 5x5 + - £350

- Rider support vendor - Free servicing and repairs (excluding parts) to any rider.

Please note - If you require use of electricity there is a £50 surcharge to cover the cost of set up / fuel / cabling.


We require all vendors to have Public liability insurance.

Beer sponsor - 3100 pints drank in 2019 - Sold

 - The "your brand" Naughty bar.

- Branded bar with your logo / Staff wearing branded T-shirts

- Featured on website partner section

- 2 x Coquet Chronicle Blog "spotlight" Feature 

- 4 x Facebook posts specific to your brand

- 4 x Instagram posts specific to your brand

- Collab Merchandising opportunities 

- Extra

Use of media for own use.

Use of Naughty Northumbrian brand logo on your website. 


£600 + Trade beer prices. 

Feed station sponsor

 - "The "your brand" Naughty feed station.

-  You get to the brand the area.

- Featured on at maximum traffic junction.

- 1 x Coquet Chronicle Blog "spotlight" Feature 


£400 + Supply of bulk energy provisions + staff to man feed station. 

Please note, we don't accept gels or sachets as part of a sponsorship deal. 

Communication logistic partner.

 - Local, regional and national PR offered - helping a nationally recognised event grow. 

-  Featured on all weekend social media posts. 

-  Branded hotspot signage - "wi-fi facilitated by"

-  On site expo opportunity - up to 6x6 stand. 

- Multiple contacts from council and authorities on site. 


Free weekend Wi-fi  capabilities provided - Hotspot, Media team wi-fi provision, payment solutions. 

Thanks for taking the time to read this document.

If you're interested in supporting this unique event, or have an idea you'd like to pitch us - please contact

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