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The Naughty Frontier - Grawild

That's Grave and Wild joined together.....

If you weren’t into cycling, the chances are you’d be visiting the Coquet valley with high hopes of romance. Not the physical, eye lid fluttering kind that is, but the romance of the hills - where the very earth beneath you carries millennia of history.

From the Neolithic period, to the dominance of the Romans and constant threat of the middle ages and the Border Reivers , Northumberland is now a truly rural county with the lowest population per sq km in England.

Where wide open, expansive spaces hold many secrets, you can normally expect to find the hardy who like to grind out the steeps with grit, and laugh their way down 2,000ft descents.

And so it is that we launch the Naughty Frontier - a truly unique Gravel Enduro that will see you move from ancient Roman Road, to remote-access gravel roads in dense forest with a smattering of tarmac in between - don’t be fooled though, even the tarmac sections are truly remote.

Heck, if you’ve got a decent arm, you’ll be able to hit the boundary; the English border with Scotland that is.

If we move away from the prose for just a short second, you’ll be pleased to know the long and short of it is this:

5 stages of varying difficulty in expansive terrain.

A 40-ish mile loop that takes you places you’ve probably never heard of.

The route will be a challenge - sign up with your mates - it’s a ride that is best enjoyed in company.

You can try as hard or as little as you like on the stages.

Timing will be provided by Sport Ident.

A fully way marked route.

If you’re into beer, camping and music, you may wish to stay for the whole weekend and head out for a cool down spin to watch the Enduro race on the Sunday.

There you have it - an event format that fits the very nature of it’s place perfectly - a day out with your mates with some good ole’ racing in between. Like the area, it’s a format that’s stood the test of time.

See you on the 28th August 2020. You can enter here.

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