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What bike do I need for the Naughty?

Updated: Dec 28, 2019

It's true - we get asked this a lot.

Worst of all, we really are not the people to ask. Between us we have raced World Cup downhill, winter series downhill races on hard tails, claimed a 2nd place at the Strathpuffer and generally would be happy to pilot any bike down the Naughty trails - But we were raised between the dense confines of Sitka and the open moorland of these idyllic Northumbrian valleys.

The most popular style of bike at the Naughty MTb Enduro sits right in the 140-160mm travel, 27.5 Enduro bike range. For the Gravel side, out-and-out gravel bikes is the bees knees, but a light weight XC hardtail will see you through just fie as well.

You might choose to go all in - a 170mm, 29" Radon Swoop.

Want to race an Ebike? That's fine, and we have a category for that. You'll power up the hills and love the descents and we're working on renewable solutions to help you charge those batteries after a long day exploring.

Worried your 100mm travel bike isn't up to it? If you're a decent rider and smooth with it, you could surprise a lot of folk. Dave Camus of Cotic regularly sits in the top 20 overall on his hardtail.

An XC bike will be just fine for the gravel event.

Orange always seem to be a strong brand in Northumberland, and took an overall win last year under Fergus Lamb.

Hardtail? We have at least 15-20 each year, so you won't be lonely out there.

The truth is that the Naughty MTB trails are steep, but they don't have any huge features - they are rooty, rocky and loamy where good balance, line choice and controlled breaking will take you further than your equipment.

The gravel combines miles of forest gravel and classic drover's road terrain. It's a brilliant route that will suit anything from a true gravel grinder to the XC whippets bike.

In true old school spirit, we say run what you brung!

Merry Christmas to one and all - we'll be signing out till the New Year now.

Newcastle based Vielo's V+1 was a popular bike last year - put a 38mm tyre on and the grin factor will be massive.

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